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Our Favorite BMW Body Kits

BMW Body Kits

It seems like with every generation of BMW, there’s a new controversy. The e46 M3 was prone to its rear subframe mounting points cracking. The E9x M3 and E60 M5 would chew through their rod bearings. The trend seems to be continuing with BMW’s new design language opting for larger double kidney grilles, with the new M3 and M4 receiving the largest grilles ever used on a BMW, coupled with the increasing popularity and affordability of M cars in the tuning and customizing world, we have seen the demand for BMW body kits skyrocket, with manufacturers releasing truly stunning kits across the BMW lineup.

We sat our performance shop pros down and got their opinions on some of the best-looking body kits available on the market today

Avante Design M4 Widebody Kit

We just had to address the elephant in the room first, and that has to be the grilles on the new BMW M4.

Whether you’re pro or against the M4s front end, Avante Design has given you the choice on their new wide body kit as the kit offers in two flavors. One that keeps the original M4 grille. The other replacing the grill with an in-house designed grill which draws its inspiration from the M8.

Unfortunately, if you’ve opted for the M Performance exhaust or the competition spec with its pair of dual stacked exhaust tips, Avante designs won’t work for you. This is simply because they don’t offer a rear bumper to support this very unique layout.

Streetfighter LA E92 Widebody Kit

The e92 335i is quickly becoming a legend amongst the tuning crowd. This could be because it offers the excellent n54 twin turbo straight-6, nimble handling, rear wheel drive. And if you’re really lucky, you can find some with a manual gearbox or even all-wheel drive.

With a few modifications and a good tune, these cars are capable of keeping up with their big V8 brother and their F82 M4 cousins. The more extreme tuners have pushed these engines to the 800hp mark and have given the n54 a reputation usually reserved for 90’s era Japanese straight 6’s.

With all this power you need a way to put it down, usually with wider rear tires. Unfortunately, the 335i didn’t come with the flared-out arches of the M3. Streetfighter LA has tried to remedy this with their e92 body kit.

With bolt on look fender flares, the ducktail spoiler and protruding front lip, this kit will make your e92 look race ready wherever you take it.

Vorsteiner F10 M5 Body kit

The F10 M5 is still a very capable and fast car. The grumble of its 4.4L twin turbo V8 immediately tells you it means business under its subdue design. Vorsteiner’s VRS F10 M5 program aims to make the M5’s looks match its performance, while improving aerodynamics. This is achieved with pre-preg carbon fiber front chin spoiler, rear diffuser and trunk spoiler. Pair this kit up with a set of Vorsteiner’s flow formed wheels and nobody will mistake your M5 for anything else than the supercar killer it is!

Live To Offend E30 Widebody Kit

The e30 M3 is the quintessential M3, and the car that put BMW M cars on the map. Lightweight, rear wheel drive with a high revving straight six engines all wrapped up in a factory widebody kit, the e30 M3 has seen its value sore. It has elevated the entire e30 generation to a god-tier tuning car.

Khyzyl Saleem, or The_Kyza as he is known to his fans, is a concept artist responsible for some of the most beautiful and outrageous car illustrations circling the web. Not content with being part of The Need For Speed design team, Khyzyl set out to bring his illustrations to life with his brand Live To Offend. He made the non-M3 e30 the car to launch the first fully fledged body kit.

The Live To Offend e30 kit is available for the coupe, tourer and convertible body styles. It increases the front tracking by 55mm and the rear tracking by 80mm.

Stage one of the kit includes front and rear fender arches, side skirts and a chin spoiler. Stage two adds a rear diffuser and a double level wing. This will give your e30 a far wider look than any stock m3.

BMW Body Kits in Pompano Beach

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we know how the smallest detail can completely change a car’s look. If you’re thinking of customizing your BMW, our performance shop pros will happily assist you in completely changing the look of your car. From ride height adjustments and rims, to body kits and BMW specific performance enhancements, our team of qualified technicians will make even your wildest dream car a reality.

Stop by our Pompano Beach auto repair shop to see all the BMW body kits we offer. You can also speak with an expert today by calling (954) 746-0488!

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