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Porsche Maintenance: Get The Most Out Of Your Vehicle

Porsche Maintenance

When it comes Porsche maintenance one thing is sure – prevention is always better than cure.

If you are an owner of a performance marque, you will appreciate that the edge a performance vehicle has over its mainstream counterparts is very easily dulled. Your vehicle was constructed to very specific margins and the tolerance of error both in your driving skill and the retro-fitment of new parts is small. That is why to get the most out of it, attention needs to be paid to the smallest problems (trust us, they can grow surprisingly quickly).

In this article we are going to drop the clutch on a detailed look at how to maintain your Porsche, but a lot of the topics are applicable to any other high-performance vehicle.

Regular Minor Maintenance

The obvious one here is the humble oil change.

Neglecting this can often lead to a multitude of other issues later down the line. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we often rebuild engines and it can easily be seen which have had regular changes versus those that have been neglected.

An engine that has had regular oil changes will have far less overall wear, scoring and general dirt inside it than one that has been abused. Ultimately this prevents us needing to replace certain parts, which can save you a significant amount of money. Porsche recommends a 10,000 mile or one year oil change interval and our Mobil 1 oils will prevent wear over this period. However, if you frequently stress your vehicle, a shorter oil change mileage may be advisable.

Another overlooked component of minor maintenance is your AC system.

Yes, they actually need some care and love if you want to stay cool in the Florida heat (unfortunately, we aren’t in Alaska). Weirdly enough, the best way to maintain your AC is to use it. If you stop using it for a period of more than a month, it is advisable to switch it on for 10-15 minutes to cycle the refrigerant. What this does is re-lubricate the compressor and ensure that everything is ready for the next heat wave. An often-overlooked part of the AC system is the pollen filter. If these become clogged, they can damage the blower fan and lead to a nasty smelling cabin. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we replace this as part of our regular major maintenance.

Regular Major Maintenance

If you are a savvy owner, these are items that you ‘see coming’ up for replacement several thousand miles before they require it.

Some items have service lives, such as brake rotors and pads, clutches and timing chains. Coolant flushing and water pump replacements are also major maintenance items. The great thing with this type of Porsche service is that you can plan for it several months in advance. If you use a reputable auto shop, they will also give you ample warning of an upcoming major service. It often means that the vehicle needs to be in our shop for the entire day or even longer, so you can position it over a period where you don’t intend on driving your Porsche.

Other major service items can include spark plugs, transmission oil and suspension control rods.

Unforeseen Porsche Maintenance

Welcome to the OMG category – where stuff just breaks without giving you any warning.

Even the most carefully maintained vehicle can break down. Even the most diligent owners with manicured service booklets are left stranded at the side of the road (particularly if you drive an older model). It. Just. Happens. So, if it should happen to you, don’t stress about it and give us a call!

That being said, there are known issued related to specific vehicles, for example transmission valve body failure on the early Cayenne or intermediate main shaft failure on a mid 2000’s Boxter. If there are any known problems with your Porsche model, we will tell you when you bring it in for service. It always pays to get these sorted out quickly to prevent future grief. The best possibly prophylactic against unforeseen breakdowns is an up-to-date service history, a good shop on speed dial and a reputable tow-in service.

Porsche Repair Experts In Pompano Beach

Despite what you might be thinking after reading this, Porches are actually very reliable vehicles if maintained properly. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we have over 30 years of experience on performance vehicles, so let us worry about servicing your Porsche, while you enjoy driving it.

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