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Porsche Performance Products | Something For Everyone At Akrapovic

Porsche performance products

If you’re looking to add some aggression and extra zip to your Porsche, then you’ve got to consider the quality Porsche performance products available at Akrapovic. With an emphasis on innovative materials and the most advanced manufacturing processes, Akrapovic exhaust systems can offer your Porsche the following benefits:

  • A deeper, more resonant exhaust note
  • More power, thanks to a reduction in back pressure
  • Potentially better gas mileage
  • A sportier look, depending on the system you opt for

Another bonus when choosing an Akrapovic system is their vast range of sports exhausts. To navigate the maze of options, we’ve chosen a few examples of upgrades for different Porsche models.

Porsche Cayman 981 – Slip-On Titanium System

If you own a Cayman, you’re already at the helm of one of the best driver’s cars ever made, thanks to the compact sports car’s rock-solid chassis and diminutive size. Now, imagine improving even more on that experience? This slip-on system offers the following improvements:

  • A power increase of 8-hp
  • A torque increase of 13 ft lb
  • A weight reduction of 7,9 pounds

These power gains are most noticeable in the mid-range, increasing drivability with a more linear delivery of power. With a dual-mode exhaust flap system, you have the option to either let the car’s ECU choose the sound level, or you can do so manually using the optional sound kit.

Porsche Panamera 970 – Evolution Line Titanium

Who said that luxury and sport don’t go together? Porsche has showed us it’s possible with their brilliant Panamera, and with the addition of the Evolution Line exhaust system, you’ll get even more of a sporty sensation from behind the wheel. Notable on this system are the four distinctively designed tail pipes, which really add to the styling from the rear and help to release that hard-edged growl. Plus, a link pipe with a resonator will ensure that there’s no chance of drone from inside the cabin – important when conducting business calls on the move.

Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet – Slip-On Race Line Titanium

In the cabriolet version of Porsche’s 911, the Race system truly accentuates the difference in exhaust note when the top is down. This system offers the following performance benefits:

  • A power increase of 16-hp
  • A torque increase of 22 ft lb
  • A weight reduction of 22 pounds

This system also includes side mufflers, an X-pipe, and a link pipe set with built-in exhaust valves. With the weight reduction focused on the rear axle area, you’ll notice sharper handling characteristics.

In addition to full exhaust systems, Akrapovic also offers Porsche drivers the option of several accessories to add on to their purchase. These are two of our favorites:

Akrapovic Sound Kit

Available for several of Porsche’s models, Akrapovic’s Sound Kit will allow you to select and control the sound output of your new exhaust system from the cockpit. This is an excellent feature if you prefer to switch between a quieter mode for everyday driving conditions and a louder, more intense sound for faster, more aggressive driving situations. The system can be controlled with either a remote controller or a smartphone app (available for iOS and Android devices).

Titanium Tail Pipe Set

As small and insignificant as your tail pipes may seem in the context of the full exhaust system, there’s a substantial difference between those which are properly designed and those which have a tacky look to them. The Akrapovic tail pipe set is without a doubt the former, thanks to the use of high-grade titanium in its construction. They are also resistant to hot temperatures and look different enough from the original pipes to announce your car as something special.

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