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Your Quick Audi Customization Guide For The B8

audi customization

Audi takes their slogan – “Vorsprung durch Technik” (progress through technology) – seriously and it is apparent in their cars. The A4 type B8 is no different, Audi stuck to their proven recipe of solid construction, reliable engineering and decent performance. Now that it has been replaced by the B9, it may appear to be a little of a granddaddy. It’s by no means out of the ring yet though, and with a few subtle Audi customizations and modifications and assistance from Foreign Affairs Motorsports, you can have it once again punching above its weight class.

  • Appearances are everything, and it’s no lie to say that the sharp angles and aggressive styling of the B9 are quite eye-catching. The more rounded shape of the older B8 can be just as aesthetically pleasing if its brought to your attention by a decent paint job (there are rumors that it looks decent in matt black). More radical restyling such as additional spoilers, front and rear fenders and body-kit are also available. The stock wheels also look decidedly 2009, updating these with some more aggressive performance orientated mags is a breeze. It’s quite important that you choose carefully as new wheels often affect the handling, safety and turning circle of your vehicle. If you are unsure about exactly what route to choose, and feeling a little blown away by all the options, why not drop into Foreign Affairs Motorsports for a free consultation.
  • Want more bang for your buck performance wise? Not a problem. The B8 is available in a range of different motors, from a meek 1.8l turbo through to a roaring 3.0l v6, although not all of these are common in the US. Whatever motor your model has, at Foreign Affairs motorsports we know how to customize it. A range of options are available from chip tuning through to performance exhausts such as cat-back systems (from the stock catalytic converter back) for slightly added performance, entire exhaust rebuilds with custom high flow cats and pure free flow (track use only). We can also completely rebuild your engine to include a stronger crankshaft and bearings amongst other things. This ensures that your engine lifespan is not diminished by the additional power. Transmission upgrades are also available.
  • Increased engine and transmission performance comes at a cost – you’ll soon realize how underequipped your car’s suspension, steering, braking and tires are to cope with the beast you’ve unleashed under the hood. It’s critical to also upgrade the car’s handling, otherwise you might find yourself a little top heavy (literally) with power. Larger brakes, updated rotors and calipers as well as new engine mountings, stiffer springs and systems like Alu Kreutz (aluminum body cross bracing) help to improve rigidity and handling. All of these and more can be professionally fitted at Foreign Affairs Motorsports.

These three points cover most common customizations for the Audi B8, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the different options and technical aspects of modification, why not see one of our professional service consultants? That way the modifications you choose will be correctly instated and have maximum effect with no loss of performance, safety or style.

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