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Porsche Tuning – New Performance Parts From FVD Brombacher

Porsche tuning

Getting to grips with Porsche tuning – and performance tuning in general – can be a bit intimidating at first. Not only are there a bunch of parts to choose from, but there’s deciding what you want your car to look like or to what level you want it to perform. Plus, there’s choosing the right Porsche specialist workshop to do it all for you!

Thankfully, FVD Brombacher has taken the pain out of at least one of the decisions you’ll have to make: choosing the right parts supplier. From racing parts to replacement parts and accessories, FVD’s over 30 years of experience in the industry will ensure that your car is fitted with only the highest quality parts.

Since expanding from Germany to a facility in Florida in 2008, we’ve been able to access and fit the best parts from FVD Brombacher. Let’s dig in to some of the latest parts available for your Porsche.

Porsche Sport Muffler

For cars fitted with the sports exhaust system (PSE), this muffler increases performance and improves throttle response, and is suitable for a variety of 991.2 models, including the 3.0L C4S. Weight is just over 55 pounds and the muffler goes for $3,191.00.

Porsche Software Control Module

The FVD software module is an external system which can be easily installed by a professional. The benefits are various driving modes and access to up to 35 HP more than the standard version on the 991.2. The FVD module is reversible and will not interfere with your OEM engine software and connected safety features. In short, this system gives you more control over your car’s performance.

Porsche Exhaust Tips

The beauty of tuning is that you don’t need to radically change your car to enjoy some appealing performance and styling benefits. At the lower end of the modification spectrum, FVD has a new range of polished stainless-steel exhaust tips. These stylish tips fit the factory sports exhaust system, have a distinct oval shape, and go for $447.00.

Porsche GT3 Sports Suspension

If you’re lucky enough to own a GT3, this comprehensive sports suspension upgrade will enhance the already great driving dynamics of your car. Featuring TTX technology and height adjustment, the system will give you more control than the standard setup. Your GT3 will sit approximately 20mm lower, with main spring rates of 100 and 160 N/mm, front to back. Benefits from behind the wheel include better bump absorption and reduced lap times on track thanks to higher grip levels. The Ohlins Sports Suspension for the GT3 goes for $9,106.89.

Porsche Piston And Cylinder Set

How does over 750 HP sound? With this piston and cylinder conversion kit, those are the kinds of outputs you can expect on a 996 or 997 Turbo. The system features forged pistons with deeper valve pockets, an off-center piston pin bore for quieter operation, and a 106 mm bore. This kit is made in Germany by Mahle, and the cylinders have very high thermal resistance because of their ST52 steel construction. The pre-installed piston rings also benefit long-term reliability.

Those are just a few of the new, quality products brought to you by FVD Brombacher for Porsche. If you want your Porsche to go faster, handle better or turn more heads, chat to us about the full list of available parts and we’ll come up with a tuning package to suit your needs.

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