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Porsche Turbo vs Turbo S

Porsche Turbo vs Turbo S

Porsche tends to introduce S models for all their standard models, this includes the turbo models, whether it’s a 911, a Cayenne or a Boxster. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the differences between Porsche turbo and turbo S models, and why the turbo S demands a higher price tag.

The “Standard” Turbo Model

Traditionally, the Turbo variant of a Porsche, is simply the standard car, with the option of having a turbo included. This changes the cars aspiration from natural to forced induction, which gives a dramatic increase in performance. To cope with all this extra power, you get all wheel drive to help put the power to the ground, larger brakes, and a slightly sportier interior. On the outside Turbo models have wider wheels, unique body kits and rims, and on rear-engined Porsches, side intake vents to help feed air into the turbo.

With newer models that come standard with turbocharged engines and all-wheel drive, the Turbo variants are still hailed as a sportier improvement over the standard models, by keeping such traits like unique body kits, side intake vents on rear-engined models, sportier interiors, S-chrono packages as optional extras, larger brakes, and to make sure they outperform their standard siblings, larger turbos and improved cooling packages.

The Difference An S Can Make

The S models take your Turbo and make it a little more racey and hardcore, and depending on the model you’ve chosen, some different upgrades. The general rule with S models is that they have better tuning that allows for an improvement in performance, and with adjusted engine restrictions which allow the engine to rev higher and reach higher top speeds along with larger turbos which generate more boost. S models also tend to be heavier than their non-S siblings, as S models receive extra chassis stiffening parts.

​​​Modern Turbo S models come standard with carbon ceramic brakes while on Turbos this is an optional extra. S models also come with unique rim options, and can make use of more carbon fibre pieces. Porsche is not shy to physically tweak engines and transmissions on Turbo S models to further improve their performance compared to the standard turbo.

Which Is Better For Me?

Both cars will offer you the Porsche experience, the largest factor in choosing a Turbo or Turbo S, is that the Turbo S models costing is in excess of around $15,000 over the standard Turbo. If you’re looking for the excitement and comfort of a turbocharged Porsche, or you want a Porsche Turbo you can tune and modify yourself, the turbo will satisfy all your needs, but be careful as DIY modifications can ruin your Porsche. If you’re looking for the best Turbocharged Porsche experience, the Turbo S is your choice.

Before you choose your Porsche, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the more common Porsche Issues, and take advantage of Porsche’s online configurator, to make sure you get the Porsche of your dreams

For all your Porsche needs, whether it’s regular services or the extremest of modifications, please feel free to contact us at Foreign Affairs Motorsport, South Florida’s Premier German Auto Repair, Performance & Race Facility Since 1978.

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