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Should I Take My Mercedes To A Mercedes Benz Mechanic?

mercedes benz mechanic

We get asked this all the time, should I take my Mercedes-Benz mechanic? The short answer is yes, but of course, we would say that as Mercedes-Benz mechanics. There are several benefits why you should consider taking your Merc to people who know Mercs

Your Extended Warranty and Service Plan Is Maintained​​​​​​

When purchasing your Mercedes, one of the things that probably crossed your mind was, “how do I keep my Merc in top-notch condition?” which led you to purchase an extended warranty and motor plan. By taking your car to a Mercedes Benz mechanic, not only will any services and warranty repairs be charged to the appropriate plan, but Mercedes Benz won’t have any reason for voiding maintenance or service plans and let you keep the option of extending them further

More Options For Spares​​​​​​

Owning a Mercedes outside of a maintenance and service plan can get expensive. Dealerships have mandates to use Mercedes-Benz original spares when repairing or servicing your car. A Mercedes-Benz mechanic doesn’t have to follow these rules and can be honest with you regarding an engine’s shortfalls (here’s looking at you m113k exploding pulleys)

Instead of replacing problem-prone parts with the same problem-prone part, a mechanic can recommend upgraded aftermarket parts that will rectify the issue. At the same time, if you’re trying to keep your Merc on the road on a budget, your mechanic can offer aftermarket or OE quality parts that are not branded with a Mercedes logo but are of the same or better quality for the fraction of the price

Benefit Of Knowledge And Equipment​​​​​​

While any mechanic worth their salt will be able to do the basic repair and service items such as changing oils and filters, replacing spark plugs, or rotating tires. However, Mercedes can be complicated cars, and the more in-depth a job become, the more room for error grows

Service and Maintenance​​​​​​

A Mercedes-Benz mechanic has the benefit of having done most service and repair jobs before and would have received training on how to do it. They’ll be aware of common Mercedes issues to look for when diagnosing your car, and with the right tools, such as Mercedes-specific scanners, will complete the job properly and will be able to draw on their experience to advise you on any other tasks that will be easier and cheaper to do while they’re in there, like changing your rear main seal while replacing a clutch


While Mercedes and AMG have done an amazing job making cars that are absolute performance powerhouses, we know the temptation to stamp your mark on your Merc with performance tuning all too well. The number of products and tuning advice available can be overwhelming, and not every piece of advice can be trusted

By getting modifications done at a Mercedes Benz mechanic, you can lean on their experience to help you make decisions on mods for your specific needs. Want to shave a few seconds off your track time? Maybe you don’t need expensive new turbos and could benefit from a better tune and exhaust to make the most of the parts you already have. Being so familiar with every type of Merc, your mechanic will know which mods impact performance most

Mercedes Benz Mechanic In Pompano Beach​​​​​​

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is a full Mercedes-Benz vehicle service facility and has been South Florida’s Premier German Auto Repair, Performance & Race Facility Since 1978.

We accept all Mercedes-Benz extended warranties and service plans. For all your Mercedes needs and questions, please feel free to contact us at (954) 746-0488.

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