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Sporty Audi Performance Parts For Your R8

Audi Performance Parts

When Audi released the R8, fans everywhere were shocked to see the innovative switch to a sportier Audi styling. What was even more refreshing was the release of Audi Performance Parts R8 Edition. The upgrades available take everything you love about Audi to the next level. Now your R8 can have the sheer performance and powerful engines Audi is known for and much more. Here we will discuss the Audi performance parts available for your R8 and where to get them installed correctly in South Florida.

The Audi R8 Sport

There are a number of distinct differences between the R8 and the R8 Plus (Sport). While both vehicles are powerful and come complete with expert design and technology, those interested in motorsport will admittedly be more excited about the R8 Plus. Even without upgrades, the R8 Plus has a lot to offer. The most exciting upgrades to the R8 Sport are:

  • Horsepower – 610 horsepower allows for an acceleration of 10 seconds;
  • Kit – the carbon and canards mark the beginning of a new generation of Audis;
  • Wheels – these continue the trend first debuted in the RS5 as the R8 Sport rest on milled 20-inch wheels that save up to 8kgs;
  • Adjustable Coils – the three-way adjustable allow for ease when going from road to track. Audi have announced that the coilovers will be available too;
  • Backing Plates – ceramic disks with titanium backing plates allow for highly responsive stopping and weight reduction.

R8 Upgrade Ideas

The first steps to upgrading your vehicle, is determining what experience you want. Your options for speed include:

  1. Turbocharging

    Turbocharging involves compressing air into your engine. This will increase your vehicle’s overall performance including your vehicle’s speed and power. Turbocharging is considered to be more complex, but more efficient than ordinary exhaust upgrades, because of overall performance results. Turbocharging your R8 can seem like a waste, because it is already turbocharged but an upgrade will further enhance your driving experience and take your R8 to R8 Sport level.

  2. Performance Chips

    Your Audi R8’s onboard computer controls your vehicle’s power and efficiency. To improve this, you can install a performance chip to enhance your vehicle’s overall performance and power. This is because standard settings, without the chip, are installed to be conservative to meet the average driver’s need. When considering installing performance chips, it’s best to talk to your technician because changing your vehicle standard settings can compromise your vehicle’s overall performance.

  3. Suspension Stiffening

    As great as your Audi’s handling is, there is always room for improvement. For your R8 to feel more like an R8 Sport, you can make use of suspension kit stiffening for more efficient handling of your vehicle. The improved handling will help you get around tight corners even more efficiently than the Audi R8. Making use of an adaptive suspension system will increase your vehicle’s aerodynamics by lowering its height and allowing for even more speed than the R8 at the press of a button. You will appreciate the convenience this allows as you switch from sport to driving mode with ease, at your convenience.

Choosing the right Audi support shop for your upgrades are essential to your vehicle’s performance, as an incorrect installation can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s performance and cost thousands of dollars to repair. Foreign Affairs Motorsport’s workshop has a dedicated team of technicians with a wealth of experience in Audi performance upgrades. Contact us today to discuss your performance upgrade ideas. Our technicians will help you determine which upgrades will benefit your R8 the most. Don’t delay, upgrade your Audi R8 today!

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