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Custom BMW Ideas

Custom BMW

Styling upgrades can be an important part of improving your experience with your vehicle. Although your BMW’s preventative maintenance is an essential part of caring for your vehicle, making sure that your vehicle looks the part is important too. BMWs are vehicles known for quality and their beautiful designs. Vehicle owners who want to take their vehicle’s design to the next level by personalizing the design will be pleased to hear that BMW have a range of customization options available. These are broad enough to make your imagination and budget the only limitations in sight. Here we discuss custom BMWs and some of the ways you can personalize your BMW.

Custom Installation Options

There are many ways to customize your BMW these include:

  1. Exterior Paintwork

    If having a car with a unique color is what your dreams are made of, the BMW color customization options will appeal to you. There are an extensive range of colors available for customizing vehicles in the BMW Individual portfolio. The M5 Competition has introduced four new luxurious colors portfolio – Champagne Quartz, Purple Silk, Java Green and Long Beach Blue – all of which are certain to catch everyone’s attention as you drive by.

  2. Personalized Interior

    Customization is not limited to your vehicle’s exterior. Your BMW’s interior can now be customized in both color and with laser etching. The same color trend used on the exterior of your vehicle can be reflected in the interior by extending the leather from the seats to the car doors and dashboard, with your laser etched design completing the look. The dashboard can be modified to include lighting that accentuate the clean lines and folds of your interior. Your custom BMW can be as detailed as you desire, even the stitching can be bespoke and match your vision for your vehicle.

  3. Door Tread Plates

    Customizing a vehicle’s door plates might seem like a waste to some people, but a custom door plate can significantly alter your vehicle’s appearance. A custom BMW complete with individualized door tread plates can make your car look wider depending on the design chosen. It can also add a touch of class by showing the driver’s attention to detail. BMW offers a bespoke installation, with a wide selection of door tread plate styles for you to choose from. You also have the option of personalizing your door tread plates by having your name or a desired logo etched on the plates.

  4. Performance Parts

    Installing bespoke performance parts can elevate your vehicle’s appearance drastically. You can start by choosing a contrasting or complementary color, that is different from your exterior paintwork, for all performance parts. This contrast can emphasize the performance parts in all the best ways and can act as a neat finish to your vehicle’s exterior. The installation of performance parts will not just improve the exterior design of your vehicle but will also improve your driving experience. The performance parts to consider installing include:

    • Carbon Fiber Diffuser
    • An Air Breather on your vehicle’s fenders
    • Front Aero Lips
    • Titanium Wheel Bolts
    • Kidney Grilles
    • Side Skirts

Where To Customize Your Vehicle

The BMW technicians at Foreign Affairs Motorsport are experts in their field and can help you determine which custom BMW installations best suit your budget, vehicle and imagination. Make sure that you contact an experienced professional when attempting custom installations as incorrectly fitted installations can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance. Foreign Affairs Motorsport can assist your vehicle customization as we do everything from carbon fiber aero kit installations to interior customizations. Contact Foreign Affairs Motorsport today to discuss all your BMW customization ideas.

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