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Stellar Car Modifications For Your High End Vehicle

Car Modifications

Is “das auto” not quite matching your mojo anymore? In this article, we look at the three Deutsch greats;
Porsche, Mercedes and BMW featuring some awesome car modifications that you can do at Foreign Affairs Motorsports.

Mercedes Car Modifications

Mercedes are a real driving experience, but sometimes even their AMG line can be tweaked a little to give it that subtle knife edge. A tasteful modification is adding performance seats. Nothing is lost in terms of comfort, but these puppies will give you enough support to keep you secure when you are pulling some g’s through the benz, not to mention improving the already awesome look.

Another popular car modification is to remove the secondary catalytic converter and/or resonator on the exhaust system to give the car a little more of a growl. If your vehicle is still under warranty, this modification will only effect its coverage of the exhaust system.

Nuanced styling cues such as projected MB badges from the door wells and upgrades to the infotainment system are modifications well within the reach of the competent technicians at Foreign Affairs Motorsports.

BMW Car Modifications

“Motor Sport” may well be BMW’s middle name, but then so might “modification”. An extremely wide range of car modifications are available for BMW. You can get completely reworked exhaust systems with custom headers, to Hotchkis Suspensions to correct understeer and body roll in the corners for your 2013 M3. Updated control arms, bushings and performance springs can all be fitted at Foreign Affairs Motorsports shop. Got the control, but not the brakes? No problem. We can rework your entire brake system to fit components from brands such as PFC and Hawk to give you the stopping distance that you require.

Chip tuning and ECU (engine control unit) modification is another area of our expertise. Fitting a custom tuned unit or remapping can get you as much as ten percent more power from your engine!

Porsche Car Modifications

If you think that there is not much room for performance enhancement when it comes to Porsche, you’ve got another think coming. No model is too young or too old to be worked on by our team at Foreign Affairs Motorsports, and we’ll happily advise you on tasteful modifications from mild to wild on whichever variant you happen to drive.

Some popular Carrera modifications are to fit wider, cleaner rims and tires, lower the stock suspension by adding custom coilovers from brands such as Bilstein or fit an air suspension and update the exhaust to unleash the motors inner beast. Foreign Affairs has thirty years of industry experience and is familiar with all the quality parts manufacturers such as AWE Tuning and Forgestar.

As you can see, car modification is a very broad subject and differs from marque to marque and driver to driver. Some owners like to keep their car as a sleeper, and only let its secret out once the opponent is vanquished. Others like to bump up the looks department with items such as air dams, wings or spoilers. Cornering could be one driver’s love, needing upgrades and modifications in the suspension and steering department, while some might just prefer the sheer muscle demanded by the straight.

Whether you are looking for something as subtle as custom valve caps for your Mercedes to a completely new ECU for your BMW or an exhaust for your Porsche, Foreign Affairs Motorsport’s friendly team of certified technicians know what car modifications are best for you.

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