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When Was Your Last Oil Change?

oil change

Clean oil improves your car’s performance. It also increases your gas consumption and extends your engine life. If oil is so important, then why do we forget to change it? Perhaps life gets busy, and we forget, or we think our car’s running fine, so why bother? There are some tell-tale signs that your oil needs changing. Observing these will help you prolong the life of your car. Here are the five signs to watch out for when it comes to an oil change.

Check Your Oil Change Light 

The first thing to check is if your oil change indicator has been lighting up. Our cars are designed to warn us whenever they need attention. If you’re running low on oil, your oil change light will illuminate to remind you to get an oil change. It’s best to rely on the oil warning light to come on. Rather get your oil checked and changed regularly.

In rare cases, your oil light may have a malfunction and not work. It’s best to get all warning lights checked by your trusted auto repair facility. They will also be able to check your engine dipstick to ensure that your oil levels are healthy.

Dirty Oil

Most of us don’t think to check the color and condition of our engine oil. Engine oil should resemble a clear amber color in appearance. As oil is used, it becomes contaminated with fine particles. These come from the engine and cause the oil to display a darker color. Over time, dirty oil can cause damage to your engine.

Remember, your oil is constantly circulating in your engine. This can wear down engine components over time. Dirty or dark oil is a clear giveaway that your car needs an oil change. Remember that oil should be changed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. This will ensure that your oil remains fresh and healthy.

Noisy Engine

Oil is designed to lubricate your moving engine parts. It provides a protective layer in and around your engine. When your engine oil isn’t doing its job, moving parts around your engine will come into contact. The most obvious symptom of bad oil is a noisy engine. As you drive you might notice a knocking or rumbling sound coming from your engine. The absence of engine lubrication can also cause friction. This will cause heat build-up in your engine compartment.

Heat build-up can lead to overheating issues. This is something you want to avoid as it can be a costly repair exercise. These noises shouldn’t be ignored as they can cause damage to your engine. If you notice strange engine noises, take your car to an auto repair facility immediately.

Exhaust Smoke

It’s normal for cars to emit a translucent vapor from the tailpipe. It’s also fine for a bit of white smoke to be released on a cooler morning. This is like when you breathe out on a cold day (mostly up north albeit) and a white mist is visible.

What’s not normal is for your car to emit white smoke from the exhaust consistently. Any continual smoke coming from your exhaust is a warning sign. Your engine could be suffering from one of the following issues:

  • Burning too much oil
  • Leaking fuel injectors
  • Coolant leak
  • Valve seals
  • Bad piston rings

It’s best to get your car checked out immediately if you suspect any of the above issues. Another giveaway sign is if you smell oil burning inside the car. You should never be able to smell oil, and this could be a sign of an oil leak.

Higher Than Usual Mileage

If you tend to travel a lot, you may be unaware of the amount of mileage you’re clocking up. A higher mileage requires more regular oil changes. It’s best to stay aware of your mileage, so you don’t forget about those all-important oil changes. This is where a scheduled maintenance plan works well. This way your services are scheduled and can be tied in with your average mileage.

Schedule That Oil Change Today

Regular oil changes come with many benefits. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we see to all your oil change requirements. Our Pompano Beach facility is ASE certified and offers over 38 years of experience. Our scheduled maintenance plans will ensure you never miss an oil change again. Call us at 954 746-0488 or visit Foreign Affairs Motorwerks on Facebook. This way you’ll stay to date with the latest car repair advice.

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