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Why An Auto Performance Shop Should Be An Authorized Dealer Of Brand Name Products

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How cheap is too cheap? On a personal level, the answer to this question depends on you. However, as an auto performance shop, the original equipment (OE) versus aftermarket is a question we often get asked. Taking this a step further, why go to all the bother to become an auto performance shop that’s an authorized dealer of branded products? Some clients ask why we fit brand name products at all?

Let’s start out by discussing two main reasons why being an authorized dealer is so important to us, then we’ll head on over to the sticky topic of why brand names can be important.

1. Guarantee Purposes

Most quality automotive parts come with some kind of warranty. The caveat to this is that they are fitted by an authorized or trained shop. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we put our clients first. That is why we’d like to give you the peace of mind knowing that our work (and your part and vehicle) is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

There are two prongs to this – if a company is willing to provide a guarantee, it usually means that they have to have some kind of decent quality control. The bulk of any auto repair job cost is usually labor. For example, a clutch. To replace a clutch the entire engine usually has to be removed from the vehicle. This is very costly in man-hours and fitting an inferior part will simply mean that the entire job has to be redone.

2. Training

Keeping on the bleeding edge of automotive tech is what we are about at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks. We are only as good as the weakest person in our team and automotive tech is constantly evolving. So, for us to be able to best help you we first need to know what is available in the parts market and how best to fit it. Even though we have over 30 years of experience on performance vehicles, we believe that learning is a lifetime occupation. In order for us to keep our accreditation as authorized dealer with various companies (such as Bilstein) we often have to attend their new product training. We keep a finger on the pulse of automotive developments and pass this on to you by using innovative new solutions.

Becoming authorized and staying that way is easier said than done, and we are constantly on the lookout for exiting new brands that are changing the face of the industry. Modern popstars are usually covered in brands from head to foot and while they probably get paid to promote their tags, we can say for a fact that if you were to find the same outfit from off-brands it would probably be the same quality for a fraction of the cost.

This largely isn’t true with cars. You can stare as hard as you like at your Beamer’s hood but not even Houdini would be able to tell you whether or not you have an original clutch fitted or not. Until you drive it that is… Established aftermarket brands often offer the same, or better quality then OE at a fraction of the cost of the original. How do they achieve this? With foreign vehicles, especially German ones, they often have supply contracts with the marque, but sell a similar (often performance enhanced) part under their own name. It is an age-old business practice to make better profit by eliminating the middleman, and we all know how much a dealership can mark up the value of parts. Someone has to pay their AC bill, but we’d rather not let it be you.

The Best Auto Performance Shop With The Best Automotive Products

Let’s conclude with the final reason why we like our authorization for aftermarket brands; performance. Pushing the envelope is what motor sport should be about, historically events like the Indy 500 have been responsible for many of the advances we have seen in the automotive world. As a premiere auto performance shop, we like to see our money working harder than our cars and that is why the little bit extra an established brand may cost over some no name Chinesium is so important. That money gets reinvested into performance, so that when you drop the clutch on the Beamer, it doesn’t drop you.

If you’re looking to enhance your car’s performance, schedule an appointment at our Pompano Beach auto repair shop by calling 954-746-0488, today!

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