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How To Tell If You’ve Got An Exhaust Leak

Akrapovic exhaust system

Is There a Hole in Your Bucket?

The Akrapovic exhaust system has not only proved its worth on the world stage as the leading aftermarket exhaust system in the business, but it is more and more being used by regular motorists instead of stock systems. While not all of us ride our vehicles into the ground like our Monster Truck counterparts might do, our exhaust systems often do bear the brunt of our daily activities thanks to their susceptibility to general wear-and-tear.

At Foreign Affairs Motor Sports, we’ve been in the business for two decades and can troubleshoot/solve a variety of motor vehicle problems and provide an array of services, but tackling, fixing, and replacing exhaust systems are something of a specialty of ours.

That being said, often when clients are faced with repairing their stock system or one that is problematic, they rely on temporary preventative measures that are oftentimes cheaper than choosing a more expensive, but far more sustainable solution like Akrapovic.

While some may think an aftermarket exhaust system is only useful for super-bikes and sports cars, they’d be mistaken. With systems such as Akrapovic in particular, its use of durable materials such as carbon fire and titanium ensure the longevity and reliability of the product. Yes, its design does mean that aftermarket exhaust systems are favored by hot rodders thanks to its ability to free up horsepower, but the quality and design of systems such as Akrapovic translate to forking out money less often in the long-term because your exhaust system lasts longer.

What potential buyers should also note is that if aftermarket exhaust systems are used on the professional circuit—like the Akrapovic exhaust system being used in a whopping 38 motorsport world championships—surely exhaust systems handling such high-intensity environments should be the go-to option for all motorists?

The next time your stock exhaust system is displaying any of the following signs, it means there could be a leak. We’d recommend motorists consider replacing it with an aftermarket exhaust system instead.

  • Rumble in the Jungle – any loud rumbling noises emanating from your car while driving is one of your first indicators of a leak
  • Now You See me, Now You Don’t – Your gas is mysteriously disappearing and/or your car is seeming to require refills more often
  • Good Vibrations – and by these we actually mean the opposite. A subtle (or even not so subtle) vibration on your gas pedal is another telltale sign of an exhaust leak in your vehicle
  • It’s getting hot in here – If your engine-reading meter is showing that your engine is hot, you could have a leak
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit? If there’s a petroleum smell hanging around your car, odds are it is because of an exhaust leak and you should get it checked
  • Rattle, rattle rattle – this means you’ve been driving around with an exhaust leak for quite a while now and your catalytic converter is slowly giving up
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