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Mercedes Repair – AC Compressors

Mercedes Repair

Mercedes repair isn’t something that any driver should delay. Especially if you need to have your AC compressor repaired or replaced. You never want to leave these types of repairs to the last minute or else the damage could end up being significantly worse. Remember, if the damage is worse – the cost to repair it is higher.

What Makes an AC Compressor Tick?

Each vehicle has a drive belt beneath the hood that ensures your AC compressor is continuously pumping refrigerant throughout your vehicle. Older models may make use of an ac clutch while newer vehicle models are going clutchless. This means that for older models the compressor will only work when the AC button is used, whereas with other models the compressor starts running the minute the engine starts. The pressure created beneath your hood is what enables your ac system to function efficiently.

How Do You Know it’s Your AC Compressor?

There is one surefire way to diagnose AC compressor issues on your vehicle with Mercedes-Benz servicing. Your Mercedes has an amazing system that includes a variety of sensors and components. Without a functioning AC compressor, you will find yourself stuck in a hot car in the sweltering Florida heat when Summer comes.

Your vehicle has a built in AC compressor clutch that only works when you turn on your AC. The pistons inside the component will compress the refrigerant allowing you to enjoy blissfully cool air. If your sensors detect any problems such as a faulty mechanism or low refrigerant levels, the clutch will receive a signal to stop. If your vehicle onboard system receives any error codes relating to your ac compressor you will need to use a diagnostic scanner to reset the codes.

How Do You Know When Your Compressor is Working?

You should always rely on a professional technician and regular maintenance checks to tell you if your compressor is working correctly. However, there are ways for you to check it yourself.

  • Start your vehicle and have your AC on full blast.
  • Check under your hood and see if you can spot your AC compressor.
  • If your AC compressor is working, the fan will be spinning. If your AC compressor is not working, the fan will not be spinning.

While checking to see if your ac compressor is working seems simple enough, but you don’t want to risk costly damages by attempting to tinker under your hood yourself.

Why isn’t Your AC Compressor Working?

If any error is detected by your vehicle’s onboard system, your ac compressor won’t work. It’s that simple. There are a few possible reasons as to why it isn’t working which can include being low on refrigerant or there’s a leak that you may not know about it. Other more common problems include but are not limited to:

  • The level of suction pressure being too high while the discharge pressure is too low, resulting in warm air instead of cooler air.
  • A defective compressor clutch.
  • If the coil is not receiving enough voltage, your ac compressor will end up overheating.
  • A faulty pulley in your ac compressor will result in a very noisy ac system.

Bear in mind, regular preventative maintenance by the experts at Foreign Affairs Motorsports will keep your car in peak condition on the roads. Our friendly and reliable team have the right experience and expertise to resolve any and all issues you may have with your Mercedes.

We understand the importance of having your Mercedes serviced and repaired in a timely manner. We are completely dedicated to providing top level Mercedes maintenance and customer service every time! The Foreign Affairs Motorsports family has been South Florida’s Premier German Auto Repair, Performance & Race Facility Since 1978!

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