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Porsche Mechanic Tips: Increase Your Car’s Life

Porsche mechanic

Over the last few years Porsche has made great strides in improving the reliability of their cars, which has Porsche consistently in the top five in the JD Power Dependability study, with only Toyota owned Lexus doing better than the Stuttgart outfit in the 2021 iteration . Porsche has done all the hard work when it comes to extending the life of your car. Looking for a Porsche mechanic in Pompano Beach? Our experts have a few tips and tricks on how to extend your exotic’s life span.

Maintenance and Service

This might seem obvious. The first step to increasing your Porsche’s lifespan is to ensure that you stick to Porsche’s recommended service intervals. These have varying mileage requirements depending on the model or year if you don’t drive enough to reach the mileage intervals. If you aren’t sure what your car’s suggest service interval is, contact a Porsche specialist repair shop.

Taking your Porsche to a seasoned and trusted mechanic is important. An experienced Porsche auto repair shop will be able to ensure your car receives the right service at the right time using the right parts.

Additionally, a benefit of sticking to one mechanic is that they will become more familiar with the car. They’ll also be aware of previous work and quirks the car might have. This gives them valuable insight into your driving style so they can better suggest replacement and maintenance parts. Including, but not limited to, different brake pads or a different thickness of oil.

Original Parts

There are some excellent aftermarket products for Porsche, like those offered by Cobb Tuning. Unfortunately, low quality parts do greatly outnumber high quality options. While the price of these parts may be appealing, they often tend to fail prematurely. This can cause severe damage to other parts of your car.

It is always recommended that you use original parts as much as possible. If you insist on going custom, do your research on any aftermarket part you are considering. This will save you a headache in the future while also guaranteeing your Porsche has a long, happy life.

Protecting The Metal

Being based in Pompano Beach, Florida, we know all to well how the salty ocean air can cause your Porsche to rust. Porsche does their best to protect your car from rust. But dents, scratches and chips can create spots that expose the car’s bare metal to the elements.

To prevent this, it’s recommended that you frequently have the car cleaned to remove salt from the body. Additionally, have dents and scratches repaired immediately. It’s also important to use only products that add additional layers of protection to your vehicle. Remember, prevention is always better than a cure.

Protective Undercoating

We’ve heard it all before. “I live in Florida; my car never sees any snow”. Now, as true as that may be, living near the ocean has its downside. Most importantly, the sea water misting in the wind and depositing on your car.

When washing our cars, we often forget about underneath. This allows salt to gather and cultivate rust.

A protective undercoat will ensure your Porsche can face any season and still look factory fresh. Oh, and your mechanic will thank you too! Especially when they don’t have to fight with rusting bolts.

Ceramic Coating

Just like an undercoating, a ceramic coat is a clear ceramic-based solution. It’s applied wet but hardens when dry and adds an additional level of protection to your Porsche.

Ceramic coating is dual-purpose. It will fill the pores of your paint and any imperfections on your clear coat. This protects the car from the elements. Additionally, it makes it easier to clean because contaminants can no longer embed themselves in the clear coat. Lastly, harmful UV rays will first degrade the ceramic coating before it affects the clear coat.

Porsche Mechanic and Service Center In Pompano Beach

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