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BMW Repair: Things You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

BMW repair

A BMW is like a double-edged sword. A driving experience that is unparalleled parked on top of a mechanical nightmare. No offense to the Bavarians, but as modern cars have gotten increasingly sophisticated, so BMW has become increasingly unreliable (and we aren’t even statisticians). This is often compounded if you don’t keep up with the BMW service schedule which can be difficult to understand. Here, our experts discuss BMW repair and those you should not do yourself.

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we are well acquainted with the German brand. We’ve been working on the marque for over 30 years. While we like for our clients to be involved, there are some common problems BMW has that are best left to a BMW service center.

Timing Chain/Belt Replacement

Starting with the biggie, most modern engines have moved away from cambelts to what used to be a more reliable chain-based technology.

While it was relatively unheard of to replace timing chains on the Hondas and Toyotas of the 90’s; it’s a completely different story with today’s German autos. BMW have a known history of not only having chain guides fail, but also the tensioners. Tell-tale signs that the timing chain may be failing are a loud ticking sound from the engine bay that changes with engine speed.

A timing belt/chain replacement is a tricky job; it involves stripping much of the engine ancillaries as well as having specialized tools to lock the engine in place. If you have limited or no previous mechanical knowledge, we recommend leaving this one to the techs. Making a mistake could cost you an engine.

Crankcase Bearing Bushing

Some BMW 3 series had a factory fault with their crankcase bearing bushings. This can be checked by giving your vehicle identification number to the local BMW service center. If your vehicle is affected, they should repair it free of charge; but best get this checked sooner rather than later.

BMW Oil Leak repair

A BMW that doesn’t leak oil is like Peanut’s Red-Haired Girl – only seen on Valentine’s day, if you’re lucky. Normally oil leaks are easy to repair. We’d say, whack the oil pan off, apply some RV sealant and voila! Actually, wunderbar seems more appropriate, no more drip. Unfortunately, it’s a BMW. Some models have this crazy idea that oil should flow through the alternator bracket; (sorry, can’t explain that one, we’re not German). So, all is not straight forward when it comes to diagnosing and fixing oil leaks on BMWs. If you don’t have experience with German plumbing systems, we’d advise that you defer to someone who does.

Electrical Heisenbugs

The invisible problem. A BMW has a sophisticated computer, electrical and electronic system. Diagnosing the correct issue often requires experience; as what the computer says (or doesn’t say) is often unrelated to the exact cause. In the case of BMW, airbag lights have been known to relate to the Battery Terminal System (BTS). While oxygen sensors can often give false readings due to something as simple as a leaking O-ring.

BMW Repair In Pompano Beach

Any skilled manager will tell you that the most important qualification is knowing when to call an expert. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we have over two generations worth of experience working on foreign and exotic vehicles; we understand BMW repair and everything that goes with it. Call us today at 954-746-0488.

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