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RWB Porsche Tuning

RWB Porsche Tuning

RWB’s origins begin in a small tuning shop in Chiba-Ken, Japan. For over 15 years Rauh-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB) has famously redesigned porches into works of art, and customized vehicles adored by millions around the world. To this day, its owner Akira Nakai-San operates from a small tuning shop in the Japanese countryside. He lives out his dream by providing people with high-end tuning for a variety of consumer models. Foreign Affairs Motorsport (FAMS) is proud to partner with RWB in a mission to provide a luxury tuning experience to customers worldwide.

A Build Like No Other

Nakai-San’s passion for air-cooled porches and his unique designs ensures that each car has its own separate touch. Every conversion kit by RWB is equivalently crafted to a standard on the original equipment manufacturer product. His personal designs ensure that no tune-ups are exactly alike.

Starting The Process

The first step to owning an RWB is making sure that you have the Porsche 911, 964, or 993 (the models that Akira uses). The conversion kit is custom made and takes a few months to manufacture and order. It’s important that the car is painted and ready to be installed once the conversion kit arrives. Wheels, engine work, interior, and tires should be ready for Nakai-San to install upon arrival.

Once all of the details are established, a deposit is sent to RWB’s corporate office in Japan to fully reserve your conversion kit and place it on the waiting list. As soon as the kit is paid in full, it will be mailed to your address or our facility with an approximate date for when Nakai-San can begin the installation. This date can vary depending on where he is on the globe since he personally works on every Porsche. The important thing is to relax and enjoy the journey in transforming your Porsche into the ride of a lifetime.

We Make Sure You’re Ready

FAMS partners with RWB to ensure that customers personally meet with Akira himself to experience the most out of his designs. Don’t get too anxious, we guide you through each step of the way and advise you on what to have prepared until it’s time to meet with Nakai-San. Assembling the Porsche from start to finish would take around three days based on the type of kit that was ordered.

Our representatives will walk you through various options and specs for kits, wheels, and suspension. Once we figure out the best option, we begin the process. There is never a dull moment when considering an RWB, but it’s essential that every detail is worked out to guarantee the best experience for your new Porsche.

Not Quite As Common

Contrary to what the internet suggests, RWB’s are still few and far between. Owning an RWB makes you rise above the ranks, becoming a part of an exclusive family of car enthusiasts. The process and costs alone are enough to make you second guess your decision, but the vehicle goes beyond what you pay for.

Enjoyed By All

Although actually owning an RWB is an exclusive experience, Akira’s work is enjoyed and appreciated by millions around the world. Being the owner of an RWB Porsche allows you to not only be part of an exclusive group but also engage with the experiences of thousands of other people.

RWB’s are no strangers to car shows and showcase events. The art that goes into tuning these vehicles gives them a unique style that is perfect for a variety of displays. People really do stop and look once they see an RWB Porsche.

Contact us at (954)746-0488 or stop by our shop in Pompano Beach, FL for more information on how you can start your RWB journey today.

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