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Dealer vs. Auto Shop | Which Is Better For European Auto Repair

European Auto Repair

When it comes to European auto repair, the age-old question remains. Should you go to the dealership or an independent Auto Shop? Although dealerships often come with the full backing of a manufacturer’s warranty, Auto mechanics seem to be growing in popularity for several reasons. Let’s weigh up the two and see which comes out at the top.

Dealerships Are Expensive

The service reputation and specialty that dealerships are known for can come at a hefty price. Dealerships are known to have a by-the-book approach and can charge high rates for services and parts. These high rates tend to drive customers away and straight into the hands of independent specialists. Dealerships can also charge hefty amounts for labor and their methodical approach can cause labor hours to rack up quickly. Some people like the methodical approach of a dealership as it does add a certain amount of safety and predictability into the mix. They are also more likely to prove you with cushy chairs in comfortable lounges. For some, this added luxury and special treatment are appealing.

Dealerships Service Records Still Hold Value

When it comes to selling your car, the buyer will generally hold a dealership service history in higher regard. A dealership service history shows that the car was kept under warranty and each past service comes with the backing of the dealership. Dealerships often offer manufacturer-backed extended warranties and they have the benefit of being able to access the latest recall bulletins. As dealerships only work on one brand, they often carry a high level of expertise when it comes to knowing and understanding your vehicle’s particular servicing requirement.

Auto Shops Are Personalized and Cheaper

When you choose to work through an Auto Shop like Foreign Affairs Motorsport, you have a far higher chance of meeting the actual mechanic who will be servicing your car. Independent shops carry more of a personal touch. Auto Shop garages are typically smaller, and they have often been started up by a former dealership technician. According to a 2014 Consumer Reports Survey, independent mechanics ranked higher than dealerships for customer satisfaction, price, quality, and courteousness. They even beat dealerships when it came to on-time repairs. Many people are looking for more personalized service when it comes to their car maintenance.

Find A Certified Auto Shop

The trick is to find an Auto Shop that has Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. At Foreign Affairs Motorsport we carry this certification and have both the equipment and trained technicians to offer factory scheduled maintenance on your car. Independent Auto Shops can be as technically proficient when it comes to servicing your car as the factory-trained dealership technicians. Auto Shops are also able to source original manufacturer parts for their repairs and servicing. Alternatively, they can also offer you less expensive parts that still hold a high level of workmanship and quality.

In summary, if you don’t mind spending the extra money for that quality assurance when it comes to your car’s servicing needs, then perhaps a dealership is for you. But if you are interested in finding a good deal while still building a personal relationship with your mechanic, then an Auto Shop is a better call. By doing your homework and finding an ASE certified Auto Shop, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will be receiving specialized service from a premier Auto Repair facility. Finding the right Auto Shop doesn’t mean a compromise on quality and may well mean a substantial saving on your budget.

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