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The Most Popular Race Tuning Brands

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Race tuning your car is now easier and more accessible than it has ever been, so much so that many overnight shops and brands have begun appearing in the U.S. market promising performance that can equal or even better the packages offered by established tuning brands, but at a fraction of the price.

However, the old saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t,” remains true, with many of their components being made of inferior materials and being cheaply imported from China.

The Trouble With Overnight Brands

While we understand the appeal of getting more power out of your car for a fraction of the price, we have seen it a thousand times before; a car’s engine completely disintegrates on a racetrack or catches on fire. The important thing to remember when choosing what parts to fit to your car is to choose a brand that has done their research and have strenuously tested and developed components.

Race Tuning Brands We Trust

Any reputable race prepping or tuning shop’s reputation relies on the satisfaction of their clients and the quality of their workmanship. The popular tuning brands out there didn’t get there by chance, they got there by building up the trust between both tuning shops and car owners.

If you’re thinking of tuning your car, here are some of our favorite brands to look at.

Cobb Tuning

Cobb understands that a lot of people want a reliable and easy solution to get more power from their car. With Cobb’s Accessport you can easily choose between your vehicle’s stock map and Cobb’s performance maps, allowing you to extract more power from your engine, while keeping your motor plan intact.

If you’re craving more power after tuning your car, Cobb offers full stage upgrades, that include both the hardware and software required to take your car to the next level of performance. If you are new to tuning, Cobb Tuning is the brand for you


Alabama based tuner, APR has carved out their own space in the market by focusing their product development on Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche. APR offers more than just software tunes; they offer upgraded performance products to replace virtually every component of your car. We really aren’t joking, APR offers everything. Engine internals, upgraded turbos, cooling solutions, wheels, brake upgrades, exhausts, transmission upgrades and even interior trim, if you own a VW or Audi, APR has a solution for you.


The kings of exhausts, Akrapovič has been the preferred aftermarket exhaust supplier for Manufacturers from BMW, to Ford, McLaren and even Toyota.

Akrapovič bring race inspired exhausts to road cars, which are designed to not only improve performance, but to give your car the exhaust note it deserves. Anyone looking to free their cars voice, should be looking no further than Akrapovič.

Tarett Engineering

We all know the power that can be extracted out of a Porsche engine, but all this power is useless if you can’t put that power to the ground.

Tarett engineering offers race ready suspension solutions for your Porsche. Whether you’re a budding club racer or a full-blown professional, Tarett can design a suspension package to fit your build requirements and safety standards.

M A Carbon

Car tuning isn’t all about the highest horsepower numbers and widest tires. M A Carbon offers tuners bespoke carbon fiber interior parts for a variety of cars. From steering wheel to trim pieces, M A Carbon allows tuners to make the interior mirror the uniqueness of the car’s exterior and performance upgrades.

Race Tuning and Prepping Facility in Pompano Beach

Foreign Affairs Motorwerks have our roots in motorsport. Starting as a small tuning shop we have grown into the go to tuning and racing facility for many of Florida’s top racers. From full race builds, to pre and post track services, think Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, South Florida’s Premier German Auto Repair, Performance & Race Facility Since 1978.

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