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Ferrari Service: The Most Common Ferrari Issues

ferrari service

Rosso corsa. The Prancing Horse. Italian design, and roaring engines. There are few cars that can rival the prestige and excitement that comes with driving a Ferrari. And while Ferraris are some of the most beautiful cars on the road, being a hand-made Italian supercar, they do come with their own issues and quirks. Ferrari service is the best way to ensure your prancing horse continues to run like the stallion it is, and when it’s time to service yours, make sure you bring your car to South Florida’s Ferrari experts, who are familiar with every model’s common issues and repairs.

Must Do Services For An Aging Ferrari

Unlike most car’s, Ferrari’s become more sought after as they age, and as they age, certain wear and tear items are bound to deteriorate and fail. This can lead to nasty oil leaks, poor performance and in some cases fire.

If you do own an older Ferrari, it’s highly recommended you complete several services, these include:

Fuel Line Replacement

Your Ferrari’s fuel lines are made of reinforced rubber, which prevents the lines from splitting and kinking. Unfortunately, as these lines age, and with exposure to the heat of the engine, they begin to dry and crack. A cracked fuel line can spray fuel onto the hot engine and exhaust and can ignite. An expert Ferrari service technician will know and source the exact lines to keep your car up to spec.

Gaskets and Seals

Just like fuel lines, gaskets and seals wear thin over time. Replacing head gaskets and oil pump seals will prevent and stop nasty oil leaks. A failed exhaust gasket can cause an exhaust leak that ruins your Ferrari’s voice and drops performance.

On most Ferraris, any work that involves the exhaust or gearbox (the feared rear main seal replacement) requires the engine and gearbox to be dropped out of the body.

Carbon Clean-Up

While regular oil changes go a long way to prevent carbon build-up, in some cases it is inevitable.

Your engine can be cleaned in several ways, from disassembling parts and cleaning them with special lasers, to scraping parts with specialized brushes. However, the most popular way is using a specialized air compressor and vacuum cleaner. The air compressor blasts walnut shells into the exhaust valves while the vacuum simultaneously cleans out any loose carbon and shells from the engine. The trick here is to ensure the valves of the port you’re cleaning are closed so that nothing enters the combustion chamber

Electrical Inspection

A lit-up check engine light doesn’t always mean your Ferrari’s engine needs an inspection.

Florida’s weather means that the slightest exposed wire will corrode fast and that can lead to electrical gremlins such as dim headlights, poor ignition, or a failed convertible top. It’s wise to have your battery tested for any parasitic drains that could mean a short circuit or failed component and replace or repair the culprit with OEM parts.

Ferrari Service In Pompano Beach

A Ferrari is a special car, and with the right maintenance it will only improve with time. Our performance shop professionals at Foreign Affairs Motorwerks have a combined experience of over 125 years, who share an unbridled passion for all things motorsport. From factory scheduled maintenance to performance upgrades and track services, we can meet all your car needs. And as an authorized retailer of the biggest brands, such as Bosch and Brembo, you can rest easy knowing your Ferrari will receive only the best when it comes to spares and upgrades.

Whether you drive an Italian stallion or an American pony, new or vintage, stock or modified, we offer a premium experience for you and your car. So, next time your car needs some additional love, think Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, South Florida’s Premier Luxury Auto Repair, Performance & Race Facility Since 1978.

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