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Mercedes Styling Guide

Mercedes styling

Mercedes have never opted for polarizing styling cues, unlike their recently chipmunk faced competitor whose name we must not mention. While this is largely a good thing for market appeal, it falls flat when it comes to personal expression. Let’s face it, as certified petrol heads, we like our autos to represent some of our character. Cue Mercedes styling.

Now that your Mercedes is performance tuned, many of you are faced with the dilemma of having what is called a sleeper on our hands. The car is indistinguishable from your Grandfather’s until you stomp on the gas. Fortunately, you are not alone. There is a positive wealth of aftermarket styling kit available for almost any Benz, and the best of it? A lot of the stuff is original equipment (OE) from AMG. If you’re asking yourself why that would be important, we have two words, panel gaps, Mr. Musk.

So, let’s take a short look at what you could do to give your Merc a makeover, starting with the cheapest to the most expensive modifications.

Mercedes Performance Wheels

Other than a Toyota Camry or a Lincoln, Mercedes stock alloys scream more ‘grandpa’ than performance.

There are several options available here; choosing something from the AMG stable may be a good contemporary to the car’s styling. If your budget is inclined, we’d rather recommend something from Carbon Revolution. Their bespoke carbon fiber wheels not only signal a departure from the norm that is so current but also give you that subtle performance edge, while frankly oozing class.

Body Kit

Usually on par or slightly more expensive than wheels, this aspect really puts the ‘personal’ into your Mercedes’ performance styling. Again, an absolute smorgasbord of options is available. Do you want understated appeal? Pick a simple AMG trunk spoiler. Want to show BMW how it’s done? Front air dams, lower valence and light configurations. All out-beast mode? Complete AMG kit, side skirts, electronically adjustable trunk wings, front and rear air dams with custom lighting. When it comes to body kit, the sky really is the limit.

Paint Job

So, your budget is still holding out at this point, and you’ve decided to go all out. The next step up is a custom paint job. This is a difficult mod to pull off successfully as it needs both a skilled shop and a dedicated client. The days of the Datsun rust bucket have passed by, and these days auto painting is a fusion of chemistry and art. A well-done custom paint job underscores your status as a Mercedes enthusiast.

Wrap up

Yes, we hadn’t forgotten the elephant in the room, there is an alternative; vehicle wrapping. What this basically means is that your Merc gets coated in a thin plastic wrap of the color and texture you choose. This has its own pros and cons, but that is scope for another discussion. Nine times out of ten, it is better to go with a quality respray than to have your Benz wrapped, but your mileage may vary.

Custom Mercedes Styling In Pompano Beach

Styling is an expression of your personal preference, and it is important to remember that we are all different. At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks we believe in using our personal experience to help the client achieve their end goals. If you are thinking of a new look for your Mercedes, there is no better place to seek advice.

Have a need for speed? Check out our Speed Talk blog for all kinds of car related tips and advice! You can also follow Foreign Affairs Motorwerks on Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest articles and events.

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