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Porsche Service Center: Should You Trust ‘Em?

Porsche service center

It’s true. Dealerships and ‘approved Porsche service centers’ have this nasty habit of ripping their clients off. That’s why they have gotten nicknames like ‘stealers,’ and give shops like yours truly, bad press. Fortunately, though, we have a right to free speech and Foreign Affairs Motorwerks is going to defend itself. Stand by for five reasons why we feel you should visit a trusted Porsche service center: trusted being the key word.

1. We Specialize in Porsche Service

Of course, this entire post assumes that you own a Porsche. If you’re reading this and you own a Toyota, we’re not quite sure why you’re here… but be welcome. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks has worked on the Stuttgart marque for over 30 years (that’s Porsche, not Toyota in case you were wondering). So, it’s fair to say we know it well.

Why should this matter? Well, we know each model, what goes wrong, and how to fix it. This ends up saving you quite a bit of money. How? Well, prevention is better than cure, and since we know what goes wrong, we’ll prevent it. While we’re on the subject – sticking to a regular Porsche service schedule is key. Another thing we’ll save you is…

2. Time

Life moves fast and you need your supercar to keep up with you. Being a Porsche service center means that we keep certain basic service and performance parts on hand. This allows us to have your car out the door by the time a regular shop is only taking delivery of the parts they need. Since we’re intimately familiar with your car, (we hope you weren’t thinking of something else) we know it’s tricks. This means we can complete a job in half the time it would take a regular auto repair shop. If you need speed, a specialist is best.

3. OEM Parts

Not only do we stock certain key parts, but we also only keep the original or better aftermarket alternatives. Regular shops have a history of overcharging for inferior quality spares they fit. We take pride in our work, so we’ll only fit the best, (or better).

4. Customer Service

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, you come first. It’s been that way since 1978 and we have no plans on changing. How else do you think we’ve been able to run a successful Porsche service center for more than 30 years? We are only as good as our most pedantic client, so we strive to be better.

Our ASE certified team will work closely with you throughout the time your vehicle is with us. If you are happy, then so are we and our business can thrive. There is nothing more annoying than a deliberately obtuse or sullen workshop manager. At your favorite auto mechanic, we keep our staff in the family, and we’d like for you to be a part.

5. Workmanship Warranty

Words are all very well, but will we stand by them? We’re so confident in the quality of our workmanship as a Porsche service center that we offer a warranty. Foreign Affairs Motorwerks warrant our work for two years or 24,000 miles for normal wear and tear. You’d be hard pressed to find a better guarantee from the dealers themselves.

Find A Porsche Service Center in Pompano Beach

Porsches are far from the GT-Z cars of the performance world. Famously quirky in design and often just plain different, they need experience, patience and understanding to reach their true potential. This is especially true of the older Porsche models.

We could go on all day about everything we offer, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, why don’t you pop into our Pompano Beach Porsche service center and experience it for yourself? There’s a lot riding on your tires. To schedule an appointment with one of our Porsche mechanics, call 954-746-0488, today!

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